The Ghost of Business Marketing

Adding Snapchat to your social arsenal is a wise business decision if millennials are a part of your current or prospective audience.

What was once a popular platform that was primarily used for sending 10 second unflattering double chin pictures to your best friends has started to evolve into so much more. The introduction of filters, stickers, and face-swapping has attracted users so quickly that Snapchat now has more active daily users than Twitter, pushing Snapchat to a higher popularity ranking.

Quick snaps of embarrassing angles, the newest filters, and face swaps with celebrities/presidential candidates (see example here) are what primarily make up the app’s content. However, businesses have found that they can get something out of it too.

Here are a few ways you can use Snapchat to market your business:

Sneak Peeks

Everyone loves being a part of something exclusive. Offering a sneak peek of a new product, new store location, or the brainstorming process/creation of a new element to your business gives users access to 10 second clips of content that is unique to the platform. It makes them feel special, and it’s a good way to generate buzz about an approaching release.


Chubbies Shorts Snapchat

Continue to humanize your brand by showing off your office space, featuring employees, and snapping office lunch outings. Showing off your personality and quirks to your audience is a fun way to engage them and set yourself apart from your competitors. Take Chubbies, for example. Their Snapchats exude the hilarity that is an obvious job requirement. It allows their fans to peer into what it’s like to be a part of the Chubbies’ team.


What do shoppers love more than discounts? Nothing. Offering an exclusive discount code to your Snapchat followers will surely keep ‘em coming back. On Black Friday, Mall of America unveiled special offers every hour to their followers, which they were able to redeem by going in-store to the respective retailer. Posting about the upcoming offer on your other social media channels heightens the excitement and sends users flooding to Snapchat. It’s a win-win.


Did you know you can create a custom geofilter for your brand? It’s fun, engaging, and essentially allows your fans to advertise for you. Show of your creativity and use it to spark customer storytelling. General Electric’s launch of geofilters targets airports and train stations that prompted users to fill in their destination on boarding pass and train ticket themed filters. You could even use a geofilter to help you with the hiring process, kind of like what Graham Allgood did to land an interview.

How do you use Snapchat to market your business?