The key to any successful social media page is high quality, relatable content. Sure, paying to promote posts is a great way to ensure engagement, but not every business has the luxury of having the means to do so. Most people think it is nearly impossible to run a successful social media page with out any money behind it, but that isn’t necessarily the case. Having a well thought out and implemented social strategy is the most important part of running any account. However, the success of organic only accounts hinge on the quality of your content. Click To Tweet Twitter Logo

What makes quality content?

Quality content is engaging and shareable. If your page is posting about things that are completely irrelevant and boring to your target market, it will tank quicker than the demise of Ryan Lochte’s fame. Highly shared content is an easy, quick way to grow your page likes. Another key to quality content is originality. You want your page to stand out from your competitors. When you don’t have a budget to get your posts in front of people, you have to stand out from similar pages with original content.

Where do I find quality content?

Creating original content is the best way to ensure it will be high quality and curated to be exactly what your page needs. Photos, videos, blogs, graphics, and GIFs are all equal options for quality content – just pay close attention to what the current algorithms are prioritizing, so you maximize your potential. If creating your own original content is not in the budget, user generated content (UGC) is your next best route. Repurposing user content is a great way to not only encourage fans to continue posting about your brand, but to encourage for other people to share your content as well.

Are you living the #OrganicContentOnly life, but still want your social channels to shine? Or maybe you have more of a modest ad budget that you want to make the most of?  We can help!