Developing a Brand Through Product Photography

We are bombarded by product photography today. Digital cameras, smart phones, and social media platforms have made photography so widely available that it has been cheapened. That being said, the best brands still recognize the value of creative, conceptual, and technically proficient imagery that grabs its audience’s attention and holds it captive in an oftentimes overwhelming marketplace.

Getting to know the brand

As the Creative Coordinator for Parachute Media’s client, ANKR, I took the role of photographing their product. I had to first get a sense of the message the brand is trying to convey. ANKR is an app-enabled beacon device that utilizes Bluetooth technology in order to help you keep track of your important personal belongings. But that’s not all. When I sat down with the ANKR team they emphasized that they want to align themselves with more than just the tech world. They want to be seen as a stylish accessory that packs a lot of functionality punch.

ANKR Product Photography

Context Is King

For a brand like ANKR, lifestyle photography is a primary focus. Consumers want to see the product in action and observe how it could fit into the narratives of their lives. For this reason, I have photographed the product in as many relatable contexts as possible. This gives the consumer a way to relate and a reason to say, “I need that in my life.”

ANKR Product Photography

Custom printing

ANKR recently developed the ability to print custom designs directly onto its product. It is a photo quality digital print, and there’s no minimum number of devices that need to be ordered to make this option cost effective. Personalization is huge for young consumers in the market right now. Think phone cases, headphones, back packs, dorm rooms, playlists, etc. One size, color, or style does not fit all.

ANKR Product Photography

With these thoughts in mind, I have set out to help develop the ANKR brand through product photography. While the overall look of the device remains the same, the ability to custom imprint and use it in many different contexts allows for the creation of a plethora of images that can appeal to just about anyone.