Alison Ross Joins Parachute Media

Parachute Media is excited to welcome Alison Ross to our ross-ter of fantastic paratroopers!

She brings experience managing paid search campaigns, blogging, as well as social media planning and execution.Alison Ross

Alison “love(s) creating rich content that amplifies a brand and helps them in multiple channels across the board.”

As Parachute’s Digital Marketing Manager, she will lead the charge on digital ad buys for our clients as well as work with our project managers to coordinate content and track conversions.

Alison Ross

When she’s not killing it for Parachute Media, you’ll find her with her dog, Annie, and her cats, Weetzie and Bijou. She also loves going to live shows, watching too many makeup tutorials and reading (more specifically, in a bubble bath). Oh, and she’s getting hitched this fall to her lovely fiance, Darren.

Glad to have you, Alison!

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